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Altrarredo produces exhibitors, showcases, store shelves and equipment for shop fitting. We sell directly and offer business consultancy services to help customers set up a shop that best fits their needs.

Altrarredo creates, completes and renews Your shop with top quality products, easy to install and with very low prices guaranteed to satisfy your needs. We use our products and support to create the perfect furnishing for all types of no-food shops, from fashion boutiques to large department stores.

We manufacture showcases, shelves and complete shop-fitting systems, fully modular, either standard or customised, for shops and commercial premises of all types:

  • Apparel, fashion, shirts, pret a porter
  • Shoes and footwear
  • Eyewear
  • Sports / sports equipment
  • Hardware and tools
  • Home accessories, household appliances
  • Electronics, cellphones, photography, telephony
  • Bookstores, newsagents, stationery
  • Minimarkets, supermarkets, hypermarkets
  • Accessories, jewellery, bazar
  • Children/men/women fashion
  • Interior decoration, household linen
  • Outlet, beachwear
  • Motorbike, car accessories, spare parts
  • Party favours
  • Video stores
  • Toys
  • Pharmacies, parapharmacies, herbalists, diet foods

A staff of professionals is ready to help You design the shop that best fits your needs. Altrarredo will follow You in every stage of shop fitting and furnishing, from the choice of materials to compliance to the environment's functional needs, so as to provide You and Your customers with an environment designed and built down to the last detail, with certified and guaranteed materials.

From display panels to counters, exhibitors and shelves, we build furniture and fittings with custom-tailored materials depending on the customer's needs.
Originality, accuracy and seriousness are our main assets. We guarantee every shop we create or restyle by supplying support during and after the works.

Altrarredo's target customers are shop-fitters, retailers, interior decorators, franchising chains, large-scale distribution chains.
We design and build: exhibitors and shelves, shop fitting equipment, commercial premises fitting equipment, show rooms, Sstaved panels, Rack display systems, Display systems, Cabinets, Drawer units, clothes hanging and display units, blister hooks and other accessories, Plexiglas accessories, shelves, counters, window dressing.
Upon request, we can also provide custom-sized and custom-tailored elements according to the customers' needs.

Altrarredo is also ready to help You for all needs pertaining to shop fitting, from showcases to shelves in the display areas, from design the display space to the detailed study of the shop outfit and layout down to every detail, without forgetting after-sale technical consultancy and assembling.

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